• How to apply press on nails with sticky tab?

    How to use:Step 1 Push back your cuticles with cuticle pusher Step 2 Lightly buff nails with nail file Step 3 Dry up the nail with rubbing alcohol Step 4 Choose a gel pad that fits your size and then apply the gel pad to your fingers Step 5 Stick the gel pad 1mm away from your cuticle Step 6 Put the nail slightly...
  • Nail glue or Sticky tabs?

    Don't have time to book an appointment with your favourite nail artist? Or perhaps you find it annoying applying nail polish every second day?We got you girl! You definitely don't need to give up on your perfectly manicured nails. Non-chipping, lasting at-home manicures are a total mood now!  Press on nails are your new bestie. They look like salon manicure, feel lighter than gel and are...
  • About us

    Ellie Young Beauty Shop was founded by Ellie in late 2021.Ellie spent 2 years in the Uk for studying a master's degree.She created Ellie Young Beauty Shop after never being able to finish gel manicures at home, also she found that getting her nails done in nail salons was so expensive in the UK.So she had been looking for some affordable and high-quality press-on...
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